‘REFLECTIONS’ Free e-magazine Premier Issue April 2015

Pratibimb Amateur Photographers Club is coming out with a e-magazine named ‘Reflections’. This e-magazine will reach out to photo enthusiasts, amateur photographers and also professionals and will be sort of handy guide which will include interesting info about photography, there will also be equipment news, questions about photography, quarterly photo contests, …..etc. and it is free, you do not have to spend anything you just have to click the link given below.

Please circulate this link to your photography related groups and friends. Thank You.

Sorry for late posting, but our next issue is coming within few days.



It is with great pleasure we are putting this newsletter, house- journal, e-magazine whatever you want to call it, on your screens. Ever since Pratibimb came into existence, it was our dream that we should share the joy of photography with the people who love this art form. And what could be a better way than publishing an e-magazine devoted to hobby we all share…..the hobby of photography.

Needless to say this being our very first issue, you may find it with many shortcomings. Bear with us. We promise that with each issue we will give you better and better e-magazine. From a novice to an expert everyone will find some information relevant to the level of expertise he or she has in photography. It  will have sections for new equipments/gadgets relevant to photography along with news from the photography world. All in all we assure that it will be an enjoyable experience. What we want now are your suggestions to improve the content along with your active participation. Do submit your photographs/articles about photography and your experiences while on photo journey to any place. Your photographs/articles can be submitted online by an email to pratibimbapc@gmail.com.

Please do remember that we may not be in a position to publish all that we receive as the publication will have initially 8 to 10 pages only. The decision of the editorial board will be final.

Initially we intend to publish this as a quarterly, however depending upon the response we receive and your enthusiastic participation we may turn it into a bi monthly or even monthly! With passage of time, we are sure that this e-magazine will help all photo enthusiasts to hone their skills still further and will help readers to enjoy photography as a hobby or as a profession.

yours sincerely,

Dilip Nerlikar / Editor, Reflections


Reflections our e-magazine is available for  download from the link given below.



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