‘REFLECTIONS’ Free E-Magazine August 2015, Issue : 2

Reflections-August-2015As promised we are pleased to put the second issue of Reflections in your hand and it is free, you do not have to spend anything you just have to click the image given below.

My tiger photograph, clicked at Ranathambor National Park, Rajasthan, India is selected for cover page.



We are back. As promised we are pleased to put the second issue of Reflections in your hand.

The issue contains an article on Tigers, their habitat, their behavior, the unwritten rules of jungle that every wild‐life photographer should observe. This article comes from one of our very active wild‐life activist and photographer Amol Jadhav. Amol knows n number of species, be it a bird or an animal, or for that matter, just about anything from animal kingdom. If you are stumped at anytime while identifying any species, ask Amol!

Our next contributor is Bhushan Shikhare, who has been practicing back button focusing for many years. This little known facility in D-SLR frees you from the worry of correct focusing, thus giving you sharper and better images. Bhushan explores internet extensively and comes out with very useful information about photography.

Pratibimb over last few years has encouraged many youngsters to hone their skills and take photography seriously. One such youngster is Apoorv Thacker. He is not only a good photographer but also an avid film‐maker. You can watch his movies under the banner of creative‐Karty on you‐tube. In this issue he has written about creating light streaks in various forms. This genre of photography is known as Light‐ Painting.

Architect Vinayak Rasal is one of veteran members. He being a practicing architect and photography enthusiasts, he has outlined how photography is helping his trade in transforming his concepts into reality. He uses AutoCAD to design his creations and then keeps track of projects by capturing the stages in his camera.

Subhash Deshmane, a civil engineer by profession, is one of our senior members. He has written about another little known facet about settings in high-end cameras. These are known as user defined settings which helps in quickly preparing your camera for photo shoot by switching over to pre‐defined settings with a flick of a switch.

Canon introduced world’s first 50 Megapixel DSLR in two versions. We give you the salient features of this megapixel monster! At present it wins the megapixel race by yards. It has set the cat amongst the pigeons. It will be interesting to watch who else will join in this race! Yours sincerely, has a look at this latest offering from Canon Stable!

Our first issue was well received. We received many pats on the back. But seriously we want you to tell us what you would like to read in our e‐magazine devoted to the art and craft of photography. It will be our best Endeavour to make Reflections a tool for improving photography skills.

Lastly, a request for you, just write to us and tell us what you liked and disliked in this offering of Reflections. Your suggestions will go a long way in helping us to improve. Our email id is pratibimbapc@gmail.com.

Dilip Nerlikar,

Editor Reflections




    PRICE FROM: INR 15600.00 / US $255.00

    • All prints are limited edition. Only 840 prints of any size will be made. I reserve the right to keep 15 of each limited edition prints for my own use. So essentially 825 prints are available for sale.
    • All Bhushan Shikhare limited edition prints are assigned a unique number and hand-signed by Bhushan Shikhare. Each image includes a certificate of authenticity.

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