‘Photo Of The Week’ Winner…

Photograph ID: Wood Cutter at Sunset _MG_0179

My photograph ‘Wood Cutter at Sunset, is selected as ‘Photograph Of The Week’ by Light Stalking, Australia.
From today whole week my photograph will displayed on light Stalking,

go to following link

POTW – September 21, 2015

Kent DuFault’s words on my image. He is authorised person who picks the ‘Photograph Of The Week’ at Light Stalking, Australia.

This week the Photograph Of The Week goes to Bhushan Shikhare for his image, “Woodcutter at Sunset”. There is no denying the immediately visual impact of this image. It’s eye-catching. However, it also incorporates one of my other favorite elements in a photograph, and that is a sense of mystery. The color and composition lend to a feeling of exotic location. The ax laying across the Wood Cutters shoulders is what really cements this image into the great category. I understand that Bhushan cloned in an extra bird, and I’m ambivalent as to whether that was an improvement. The image is composed in an almost perfect Golden Spiral.

Photograph ID : Woodcutter at Sunset _MG_0179

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  • All prints are limited edition. Only 840 prints of any size will be made. I reserve the right to keep 15 of each limited edition prints for my own use. So essentially 825 prints are available for sale.
  • All Bhushan Shikhare limited edition prints are assigned a unique number and hand-signed by Bhushan Shikhare. Each image includes a certificate of authenticity.

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