Bhushan Portrait 1Hi, My name is Bhushan Raghavendra Shikhare and I want to thank you for your interest in my work. Welcome to the official Photography website and blog-site of Bhushan Shikhare. I am a fine art nature photographer specializing in wildlife, bird, nature and landscape photography. I am doing photography for more than 10 years. I currently live in Sangli, Maharashtra, India and use a variety of top professional cameras and lenses. My goal as a nature and landscape photographer is to show you views of our natural world in ways that you may not have seen them before through careful composition, attention to detail and the creative use of beautiful light.

I am a Jeweller and gemologist by profession and my journey as a nature and wildlife photographer started in May 2001, when I went for trekking to Dhana Kunu pass Trek with Yuvashakti, Pune, a beautiful place in Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. My mother gave me Olympus 35mm film camera with Zoom Lens (not exactly professional gear but that was highest quality camera I had then) during the trek I exposed 12 full 35 mm exposure rolls (In film camera days that was lot of exposure!). I wanted to participate in the photography competition (especially for participants) organised by Yuvashakti, Pune. At the time I was a beginner in photography so I thought why not show my photographs to Shri Mukundbhai Shah who founded ‘Pratibimb Amateur Photographers’ Club, Sangli’ and was excellent nature photographer. That was my first meeting with him. He told me that “Bhushan, your composition is excellent but there are some minor mistakes. I will tell you how to correct theme” He was my first Guru in photography. He selected 5 photographs for competition and I got second prize in the competition. From hear my photographic journey began. I could not get Mukundbhai’s guidance for long time because of his sudden death. After that I joined ‘Pratibimb Amateur Photographers’ Club, Sangli’. In that club I met Mr. Dilip Nerlikar sir who is very knowledgable person in every subject. I have been getting tremendous basic and professional level knowledge of photography from him.

Memories: I have Olympus point and shoot zoom lens 35mm film camera,of which  wide-angle range was limited. I wanted to show our base camp plus snow-covered mountain range in photograph. So I ran about 700-800 mtrs. on big hill near by the place and captured that award-winning photograph. I lost the  film due to moisture. photograph shown above is  a scanned image.

At present I am an active member and instructor in ‘Pratibimb Amateur Photographers’ Club’ in Sangli and working as an editor in Editorial Board of E-Magazine ‘Reflections’. Go to www.pratibimbsangli.org for more information about ‘Pratibimb Amateur Photographers’ Club, Sangli’. Many times my work was published in Newspapers, Magazines and Exhibitions. Please browse my site to learn more about my work. Images are available as prints, or for commercial licensing. My all work is available in the form of fine art prints created with various photographic papers and fine art canvas.  Volume purchases of three or more prints receive discounts off the entire purchase price. Don’t hesitate to CONTACT me. All images on this site are copyrighted to me , Bhushan Shikhare.


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