Licensing Images

PrintsHow to licence images on this site:


To provide a quote for image use, i need to know the following:

  • Specific Use: in what media will the picture(s) be used? I.e. book, magazine, brochure, website, video, etc.

  • Industry: in what industry will it be used? For example, publishing, paper, advertising…

  • Distribution area: local, regional, national, international

  • Size: the image size related to the final page size, if printed, I.e. 1/2 page, double page, full page, etc., or screen size if on website.

  • Total circulation: how many copies will be produced.

  • Duration: amount of time you plan to use the image(s)

  • Start date/ End date

  • To send above information for commercial licensing please CONTACT me.


The images of Bhushan Shikhare are offered for sale on a Rights Managed basis and a licence fee must be paid for each separate use.


Image files will be delivered via email where possible, CD/DVD or by a means suitable for your needs. Images can be sized and formatted to meet your specific requirements.

All images on this website are copyright © Bhushan Shikhare Photography
Any copying, usage and/or distribution is strictly prohibited without a licence.


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